Digital Advertising

What is digital promotion or advertising?

Digital promotion spans across channels, with the email, display ads, mobile advertising, SEM, App Store, and the paid social advertisements. You can discover about the progress of digital promotion and how you will reach bigger audiences at the actual time to drive the sales.

Digital advertising strategies

You may learn how to build up the foundation of the digital advertising strategies with the step by step procedure to make goals and persona sections for the campaigns. You may also learn the cross-channel systems for acquisition, nurturing, branding, and building customer loyalty.

Digital advertising types and advertising designs

Go down the differences in between PPC or pay-per-click, social advertisement and display and also with the best practices and benefits for each. You can learn how to write down relevant advertisement copy, headlines, calls to action or CTA and the lead generation forms. You can also learn about the relevant imagery content, with including cinemagraphic, pop-ups, mobile ads, video, flash, and banners.

Digital advertisement landing page

No matter how many times or how much money you will spend on the digital advertising campaign, when the landing page does not resonate with the audience, then, they will leave. You have to optimize the forms, advertisements, and the landing page design through a platform, the set lead generation with the social media goals will make sure of a seamless and a personalized encounter for every visitor.

Advertisement targeting

Discover the different means to reach the target customers, with the ad content, behavioral patterns, buying patterns, geographic location, specific demographics, audience behaviors, and a lot more.

Digital advertisement pricing

Develop that comprehensive understanding of the different bidding and also the buying price models of the digital advertising, and also what these models will mean for your own strategy. Cover the automatic bidding and the manual bidding, CPC or cost per click, CPM or cost per thousands, dCPM or dynamic cost per thousand, CPA or cost per acquisition, CPL or cost per lead, manual buying, real-time bidding and programmatic buying.

Digital advertisement technologies

The web of advertisement technology may get complicated. The resources will break it behind through examining the main players: DMPs or Data management platforms, DSPs or Demand side platforms, SSPS or Supply side platforms, and the advertisement exchanges.

Advertisement testing and optimization

Begin with the 7 steps in analyzing the efficiency of the digital advertisements and also with what to tried for, then, apply the best practices for the A/B and the multivariate testing for the landing pages, display, social ads, and the pay-per-click.

Ad measurements

It will cover the front-end metrics such as the impressions, reach, clicks, engagement rate, conversions, CTR or click-through rate, CPL, eCPM or effective cost-per thousand, and also the back-end metrics such as the ROI or return on investment, ROAS or return on advertisement spend, LCV or lifetime customer value and the first and the multi touch attribution.

You can learn the best methods that are for navigating, optimizing and launching the digital advertisements with an effective messaging, and so that you will become the head in this high-demand and high-impact space.